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Ignored Prayers x Thee Mike B – Respek Mixtape II (IP.SS.02)

Ignored Prayers x Thee Mike B – Respek Mixtape (IP.SS.01)

The Art & Life of Syd Mead.

Ed Hardy’s “Tattoo Time” Book Series.


Kathy Jones: The Fox lot’s topiary artist.

As any frequent visitor to the Fox lot in West Los Angeles will have noted, amid the blocky buildings, iconic water tower and billboards are tucked a number of quirky topiaries. Penguins, elephants and Bart Simpson all owe their existence to one eccentric, self-taught studio landscaper: Kathy Jones, who sculpts the creations solo and without the aid of wire frames. “It’s the best-kept secret that everyone knows about,” says Jones, whose creations have inspired a segment on The Simpsons, were mentioned in Mindy Kaling’s 2016 book and even spawned an episode of Bones centered on a murderous topiary artist. “Having worked [on the lot] for 11 and a half years, and bringing children to work every day, the botanical sculptures were an iconic part of the landscape,” says Bones star Emily Deschanel. “It was a pleasure to have a character based on Kathy.”

Jones, 55, who grew up in Encino, has been working on the lot as a landscaper for 34 years. Sometime in the mid-’90s she decided (“without permission,” she says) to put her artistic abilities to use on the greenery. “I was already trimming everything into circles or squares, so I saw one and went, ‘Oh, I bet I could get it into a deer,’ ” she says. “After about six months, my foreman noticed, and he said, ‘That’s cute, do another.’ So I did the snail and the mushroom, and after that I started doing the penguins, and nobody really said anything, so I just kept going along and turning the bushes into things.”

Via: Hollywood Reporter

Tomorrow’s People – Open Soul (1976)

Raf Simons Archive Book Set.

“Over several months, we have gathered Raf Simons archive collections owned by multiple individuals and carefully photographed them piece by piece.

The photographs were edited and made into one set of two archive books: “1996-2001” and “2001-2006”, a total of about 700 pages.

We will now release a limited number of copies, and start shipping from mid january, 2018.

¥ 28,000″

Via Printings.jp