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We're happy to announce our exclusive collaboration with Siwilai for their up upcoming event on November 23-24, Siwilai Tour Presents: The celebration of Molam sound. @siwilaistore

Neon Orange pigment dyed tee with direct print and interior woven label.  To be real, this photo does not do the colors on this tee justice.  It is is really sick in person. Trusssss me daddddyyyy...

Molam is country music that's been played in the Thai and Laotian hinterlands since the 17th century. Its Thai home is in Isaan, a region in the Northeast of the country where many working class people live. At its most simple, a traditional Molam act features only a singer and a khaen player, which is a bamboo mouth organ played vertically in bass tones designed to support a singer's voice. Beyond that, the most common additions to a Molam band are phin, a small lute with strings, drums, and bass.

Molam underwent a major shift in the 70s, thanks to the influence of the American GIs stationed at five army bases around Isaan. They brought psychedelic, rock, soul, and funk music with them from America via guitars, records, and radio stations broadcast from the bases. The Molam players absorbed these sounds and were intrigued by them. Entire riffs from bands like Black Sabbath and The Rolling Stones were incorporated into Molam songs from this era.

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